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Everything begins with a clear. We conceptualize and assemble thoughts with the customer. This is trailed by documentation of the requirements. An effective site is created with perfectly clear technique and astonishing plan.

What Is The Purpose Of a Website: So there you have it, the reason for a site is to turn guests into prospects. What’s more, the best approach to do this is to distinguish the real client types visiting your site, address their needs and give them a reasonable move venture to make straightaway.


Goals: The site ought to achieve your goals set. Build Awareness in a Market, Help Purchasers: Explore, Instruct, Educate, and Rouse, Convert and Increment Your Lead Pool. The hidden meaning of business ought to be clear with the team.

Target Audience: Do you wish to focus on some particular group of visitors? You should know where your crowd found is and what language they talk? Since it’s difficult to arrive at everybody on the double, narrowing your concentration to a core audience helps you to build up a viable advertising strategy. It enables your organization to make an informing system that interests straightforwardly to the sort of purchasers who are bound to change over into clients.


Design and Prototyping

At Akaal technology, our first move toward transforming our idea into the truth is getting it down on paper. At that point we make a prototype of the design and send it for approval. Approval is essential as our key core interest is on client satisfaction.

Wireframe and elements designing:
With the assistance of data collected during the strategy-making process, start making a wireframe.

Mock-ups as required:
In manufacturing and design, a mockup, or fake up, is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, utilized for educating, show, design assessment, promotion, and different purposes. A mockup is a prototype on the off chance that it gives in any event part of the usefulness of a system and empowers testing of a design.

Reviews and approvals:
This is where you are sending designs to the customer for an audit. In the event that they are not fulfilled they will change or support it on the off chance that they are satisfied. This is the last step to make changes, it will be difficult to make changes after coding.


Activities must be lead to the foundation of what is named the “design space,” which represents to the multidimensional mix and association of info factors and procedure parameters that have been shown to give affirmation of value. You should peruse the arranging archive again to keep away from any confusion regarding website highlights.




Here we do: code optimization, excellence assurance, cross platform and device dependence, endorsement and confirmation of design. An encouraging start to testing lessens the expense and time to revise and create error-free software that is conveyed to the customer. We check for the security spillages and fix it wherever required.

Approval & Delivery

We flourish for consumer satisfaction, henceforth contribution of our customers is a basic piece of our procedure. The completed product is introduced to the customer for approval. Our deliveries are executed on approval.




We over-viewed a portion of our clients to figure out how they handle maintenance approval with their specialist organizations. Maintenance of a website requests your time and consideration at standard interim. In the event that you won’t like the maintenance, your cash spend is wastage.