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maintenance and support


As technology develops the lifeline of businesses nowadays, there is a need to guarantee that the whole applications and systems are running consistently constantly. In this manner, they have to search for trustworthy maintenance and bolster accomplices to guarantee ideal application performance, reduced maintenance costs, and least vacation. Having such an technology accomplice additionally empowers organizations to adjust to developments and updates in an agile and effective manner.

At Akaal Technology, we broaden dependable maintenance and support services which assurance ideal proficiency and least personal time for the basic business utilization of the customer. We follow a collective methodology, working intimately with the customers while understanding their needs and difficulties and settling them at the most punctual at whatever point there is a need.

Here are some Reasons why Maintenance and Support Services beneficial for website:

    • Plan and calendar precaution maintenance.
      Computerized maintenance management software robotizes the planning of assessments and maintenance, forestalling the event of support issues and costly fixes. Changing from receptive to proactive maintenance additionally broadens the life of hardware while diminishing the general working expenses of the maintenance function.
    • Increase safety. Computerized maintenance management software aids administrations in frequently checking and keeping up gear and satisfying security guidelines to counteract glitch and basic disappointments. This limits the loss of work time because of accidents and makes your hardware more secure both for operators and the environment.
    • Keep a finger on the beat of your organization. Increment your comprehension of your advantages and organization by utilizing the CMMS dashboard feature in your CMMS to screen key execution pointers (KPIs), take a gander at the 10,000 foot view, and make reports for chiefs. By using a CMMS to analyze historical data furthermore, patterns, maintenance chiefs can recognize issues territories, such as increasing costs, low efficiency, or constant repairs.
    • Enhance productivity. Mobile CMMS can be utilized on smartphones, allowing maintenance technicians to access real-time info, check record, and recruit work instructions without returning to the workplace. This decreases their expedition time. Maintenance software also delivers maintenance technicians with insights concerning the methodology, parts, and tools important to play out an occupation, so they can work immediately or intrusion.

Our specialized help administrations envelop:

  • Software establishment support
  • Equipment and software investigating
  • Use support (how to) for present and past discharges
  • Issue goals and ticket management
  • Building and maintenance of item knowledge base

Our Application Support Administrations Empower Clients To:

  • Error tracking and troubleshooting
  • Variant redesigns
  • Form upgrades
  • Extensive client support
  • Technical investigating
  • Execution testing